Words of Wisdom – Students

Words of Wisdom from our Students

The following comments have been transcribed from the end of term recorded feedback of our students in different classes, yet they all speak of a common experience – that of happiness, peacefulness, acceptance and wisdom.

I am happier, more accepting of myself and others, calmer & more forgiving; I feel like I have rediscovered the care-freeness of my youth I feel fearless, I have no worries. When negative ideas pop up, I don’t engage in them. I don’t need to win arguments or to retaliate.

Life has become much easier and other people notice the big change in me I live much more in the present; my mind is steadier.

I know that my happiness is within and does not depend on the actions of others.

I have learned how to deal with the surprises of life in a calmer way; I now realize I need to free myself – there is no one else who is responsible.

I am more plugged in, I had no idea I could learn so much

There is a new harmony with my spouse and children; I am far less judgmental. I am at ease with everyone.

I am more patient with my patients; I can now leave my job behind when I come home I love these classes, I love the company and I have decided to continue no matter what.

I thought I knew all this stuff; I have now discovered that this is the door to everything there is to know I am no longer distracted by things which are superficial.

You told me to ‘let it go’ and I really heard you; I realize that the pain was all about attachment

The biggest thing I learned is that I am not my emotions; my emotional reactions have led me down painful paths in the past.

I don’t want to spend another year of my life smiling – to cover the pain I always had spiritual knowledge but never practiced; thanks to these classes I now put what I know into practice.

I understand that happiness comes from living in the present

I realize that criticism is a form of hatred; I also love being in the company of so many individuals who are on the same path I used to be a wise child.

When I grew older, I lost myself and became trapped in the past. I now feel that I have reconnected with myself, let go of the past and rediscovered my happiness

What keeps me coming back? Whenever I come to the class, the experience is of being at home – this is where I belong.

When I leave, I feel light and am filled with light

Each term a few new tools are added to my toolbox; I love myself, my life and my duties more than ever before.

From the time I wake up, I practice this teaching – it is fun and joyful I have a steadfastness without any kind of attachment; things tend to fall into place now I am beginning to see how the three paths intersect – knowledge, devotion and action.

I used to be a perfectionist; now I see the perfection in everything and it is effortless

This course is a key to happiness I am so very grateful for many things, especially the pure love that permeates the space we occupy here. It is genuine, I see it, I feel it and I can return it. It is truly wonderful I really enjoy the unfolding of every day; I used to always be worried about the future. Then I suddenly realized, “What if all this is here just for our enjoyment?”

Listening to everyone, I realize how unique this company is.

I never used to want to belong, but I love belonging to this group of people – we all come together to better ourselves

This teaching is so rich and it is structured so beautifully; it is also very practical.

I trust the teaching and the teacher – seeing discipline as a way to freedom has been revolutionary for me

The biggest gift for me this term is the appreciation of meditation and the steadiness, patience and tolerance it brings. I have also learned to take more time for myself

The pause has helped me slow down; I feel more connected to myself and more grounded.

I have never felt so good in my life I have a bigger perspective on life and what I see is amazing

Unimportant things have lost their power over me; I can focus more easily and let go of a lot of feelings that are not useful

I have learned that love is limitless, priceless and that it is inclusive I had a critical mind; criticizing myself and others – believing that nobody should make mistakes.

I notice those hard edges are becoming softer, I am more accepting.

I have learned to go backstage whenever I see the peacefulness is missing; recoup and come back refreshed

This class is an eye opener; I know myself better, like myself better, I am aware of my surroundings – I really notice things, every day is wonderful.

What I learn here is 50% of the work, the other half is my own practice I have fallen in love again – with the whole world

I see this class like scuba diving; the deeper you dive, the more amazing it gets

The sense of the emotional, intellectual and psychological empowerment is enormously helpful to me; the best thing is that it is within me and independent of anything else I enjoy being where I am and with whom I am; I am more tolerant, more accepting at work and see myself as an altogether much happier person

I am aware of my own inner wisdom even though I may not always listen to it; I catch myself when I get angry and it passes quickly.

I am much calmer in high pressure situations because I am present and accepting of the situation I am more in control of my feelings and therefore my life; I don’t hold grudges – I am happier

This has been an amazing journey over the last four years; I can really see the changes in myself.

When I remain still, problems seem to dissolve.

It is so good to be here

My powers of observation have truly refined; I feel wonderful when I don’t react to people’s insulting behavior and continue to remain open and loving toward them

I don’t have expectations of the people around me and so I appreciate them more