In the ‘Wisdom’ course, we learned about the levels of awareness, the power of attention, the tyrannical rule of the ego; we realized that we are not just a body, a mind and a bundle of emotions and that there is a constant observer sustaining and witnessing this changing realm.

We learned about the faculty of Reason, Beauty Absolute, Truth and Unity.

Now, we will explore the nature of true happiness.

Course Content

  • Power of observation
  • Relationship between Law & Happiness
  • Watching the movements of the mind
  • Platonic Virtues
  • Time & Happiness
  • The present moment
  • Is pleasure the same as Happiness?
  • Helpful & unhelpful states of attention
  • True values & misconceptions
  • Listening
  • Decision making
  • Speech
  • Happiness & work
  • How much is your happiness worth?

See Timetable for time and locations