Love – Special 5 week summer course

The Art of Marriage – New Course
March 13, 2019
Family, Marriage and Relationships – Special 5 week summer course
May 30, 2019

Love – Special 5 week summer course

Part Eleven - San Ramon (Thurs)

Part Three – Love

Special Summer Course

Love unites and makes whole. But in a world where divisions of all kinds prevail, including those within us, a conscious consideration of love is necessary.
Part Three, through systematic inquiries and a set of exercises, aims to help dissolve feelings of separation and raise awareness of our essential selves and explores the pure love that lives inside us all.

This is a special summer course lasting 5 weeks.
Wednesdays 7:00 pm – 9:30 pm from  06/19 to 07/17/2019
at 5506 Sunol Boulevard, Pleasanton

$50 registration fee

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