Start of Term Talks – September 2019 – San Jose

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Start of Term Talks – September 2019 – San Ramon
July 22, 2019

Start of Term Talks – September 2019 – San Jose

start-term-sept-2019-san jose


Stories to Enchant and Inspire You
‘A gift of Practical Philosophy’



An introduction to our life-transforming methodology
Presented by Kamyar Faron

What are the stories you tell yourself? The ones about your happiness? About your ability to know love? About your ability to create a life worth living?
The stories we tell ourselves are very powerful and affect our perception of self and others.
Often the stories we tell ourselves are based on old fears and misunderstandings.
These habits of thought result in a greatly diminished experience of life and all its possibilities.
What if you could replace these false, limiting stories with ones that free the heart and mind, and empower you to be as you really are – limitless?
Join us for a morning of stories taken from the great wisdom traditions of the world, designed to enchant and inspire you to live a life of unlimited possibility.


Sunday, September 8th, at 10:30 a.m.
Pars Equality Center, 1635 The Alameda, San Jose

Admission is free, refreshments will be served and all are welcome

Join us for: Good Company – Inspiring Conversation – Practical Tools for Self‑mastery