What is Practical Philosophy?

  • It is a search for the truth about ourselves. Who am I?
  • It is an enquiry into the purpose of our life. What am I doing here?
  • It is a study and application of the insights of wisdom. How should I conduct my life?
  • It is a longing to find full satisfaction, peace and lasting happiness. Is this all there is?

What does the Practical Philosophy course involve?

  • It is not academic and does not necessarily involve homework or reading.
  • It is not a history of philosophical thinking or a study of comparative philosophies.
  • It involves self knowledge, the discovery of inner peace and principles for a happy life.
  • It draws on Platonic wisdom, Judeo Christian spirituality and the Vedantic tradition.

Who are the students of Practical Philosophy?

  • Men and women from all walks of life who seek to know the truth about themselves and their world.
  • Those who wish to live by what is fine and just principles.
  • Those who seek the good company of like minded people, an experienced teacher and a reliable course of study to discover the purpose of their life.

What are the benefits of taking the course?

  • An appreciation of the underlying unity to everything.
  • Contentment, happiness and connection.
  • Finding the peaceful, unchanging and steady anchor within, through study, service and meditation.
  • Discovering simple solutions to the seemingly impossible problems of life.
  • Transcending limits and finding freedom from habitual responses.
  • Cultivating a quiet and attentive mind, an open and compassionate heart, and measure in life.
  • Uncovering our full potential and discovering our universal nature; self realization.