Words of Wisdom – Students

Words of Wisdom from our Students

The following comments have been transcribed from the end of term recorded feedback of our students in different classes, yet they all speak of a common experience – that of happiness, peacefulness, acceptance and wisdom.

I feel so much lighter; life is no longer the roller coaster it used to be.  There seems to be fewer disagreements with my spouse and I have lost all fear of death. – MS

Every class is like a rebirth; coming here activates a priceless memory. – FW

I catch myself when I am being inauthentic. – SR

I am so much more disciplined in my life. – EB

I used to feel like a sheep, following and being in fear of others.  Now increasingly I feel like a lion, fearless, independent, a leader.  I know who I am. – VK

The teaching has gone from being theoretical, to providing valuable tools, to becoming transformative. It is naturalized; I feel I have come home to myself. – NN

At the beginning it seemed complicated and I couldn’t connect with it.  Now what used to be complicated has become simple – simple, and really useful understanding. – SM

When mind and heart work together, life is simplified.  As I grow, problems shrink. – MS

My patients ask me “How long does it take to get there?”  I reply I have been coming for eight years; it is a life long journey – trust the teaching.  – RA

In the early days, I heard clever words, now I speak those same words.  I no longer speak about Practical Philosophy, I live it.  – MS

Life is so much easier and I am accomplishing so much more.  I truly believe that if my intention is for the good of all, everything always works out. – TK

I am less emotional, more tolerant and centered.  When upset, I regain my balance within hours not months.  I accept others as they are and realize that they are also dealing with their own issues, their intention is not to upset me. – AF

I am so much more present; I don’t regret the past.  I enjoy my kids more and really appreciate what I have and where I am. – FK

I am in harmony with myself and can accept others as they are.  In the past I was always trying to convince people – now I can let them be.  – AS

I come here to be reminded about the truth; otherwise it is so easy to be distracted.  The teaching is universal, all inclusive; I love that.  – MS

Practical Philosophy has been my companion for many years.  I have developed greater clarity, more confidence and courage.  – PP

I feel ready for the challenges of life.  I have learned to accept, to let go and not to take myself too seriously.  – FR

I am aware that I am part of a community of knowledgeable people; I feel the diamond that I am has more facets now. – CH

Coming here dusts my mind; I am drawn to this place.  Nothing is that serious; I come here once a week and I get my fill of good energy for the rest of the week.  I no longer need validation from others. – SS

We always knew that the body is a temple and must be cared for; now we realize the mind is an even higher temple and we must allocate time every day to take care of our minds.  This has helped us deal with day to day life with more grace.  – V & V

I so look forward to continuing this journey of self discovery; this is a sacred and pleasant environment for like minds to get together and discover the key to a better life.  The food is wonderful too; each week we are richly nourished body and mind.  – AA

My outlook has changed; when I practice the principles I can see the profound effect.  I love the school’s culture of serving each other.  – VP

For me it is about the pause, my inner Namaste.  My eyes are open now even when closed and this
clarity has allowed me to treasure the present moment, become grounded and full of gratitude. – BC

I am so happy that my husband and I share these weekly meetings.  It has made a big difference both in ourselves and in our relationship.  I am more balanced, more efficient; I find I have more time. – MH

When I started coming seven weeks ago, I was really anxious and really not trusting myself, never feeling worthy of connection with others.  Now I feel my true self is emerging and the self limiting negative feelings I had are being put in perspective.  I am kinder to myself and to others and I am getting my life back.  I can’t wait to continue this journey. – LW