Words of Wisdom – Students

Words of Wisdom from our Students

The following comments have been transcribed from the end of term recorded feedback of our students in different classes, yet they all speak of a common experience – that of happiness, peacefulness, acceptance and wisdom.

Have you ever asked yourself what makes life worth living?! Attending practical philosophy classes, you discover in a practical way and not only in words, the true meaning of being alive and not half asleep. You find your purpose.
– FW

At any level of spiritual growth, attention needs to be on refinement, even for a good habit like meditation.
– SM

When I see ignorance, unwise actions and words in others, I strengthen my own resolve and adherence to the truth and love for all. I let it pass, as we are all on our own journeys and all I MUST do is be an example of the teachings rather than take offence and render judgment.
– KF

It is no longer necessary to repeat old behaviors, old excuses when confronted by the imperfect within and without; rather we can rely on the truth we hold deep. Our recall is much swifter, the path less cluttered.
– KB

In life, we are constantly acting in response to events. When doing so, it is important to consider the GOOD OF ALL rather than only what is good for me.
– FS

I feel grounded.
– RA

I am grateful for the quiet mind that I am experiencing because of the teaching and meditation.
– RS

I try to live in the here and now, and not the there and then.
– FG

I am so grateful to know that I don’t have to work so hard to solve every problem, because most of them dissolve when I keep practicing the teachings.
– PL

Spiritual growth enables me to deal with worldly experiences wisely and with confidence.

I can see what is happening better and realize that I can’t solve everything in the world or in my own personal life. I have to be PATIENT, reflect and make a decision to the best of my knowledge and act on it without dwelling on the right or wrong consequences. I also realize that I don’t have to have an opinion on everything and listening is a great tool.
– CH

Prior to the teaching I was searching for things that only gave me a temporary fix. Now after all the years of this great teaching I feel more equanimity and peace in my life. Now I look more inward and feel happy.
– GA

I am more aware of my surroundings; so I can remain steady and stable and free to act appropriately.

Universal Truth and the tradition of sound philosophical principles have been graciously given and received; I am Blessed.
– PP

It is so beautiful to grow and evolve as a community; together we see more clearly!!
– FD

I walk along the spiritual path with both my inner and physical eyes open.
– FB

One thing I notice that is changing in me is not taking everything personally. In the past, my ego used to justify and find reasons to find fault with others. Now I don’t let my ego get me into heated arguments. I keep calm and avoid reactions which feed the larger argument and are defensive. I am blessed to find this teaching. My life has been transformed because of it.
– AF

Everything is a mirror in which I see my own Self. There’s nothing anywhere else that has helped me more. I examine the effect that every life event, every meeting, every action, has on me and watch what shows up after the initial fog of illusion is lifted. That’s like an MRI of my emotions and ego at that moment – most revealing.
– NN

To know myself is to recognize the noise in my head as the true identity theft – the imposter pretending to be me. Meditation is my daily multivitamin.
– NG

I take care of the need of the moment and have full confidence that everything else will take care of itself.
– JK

The school’s teachings during the past few years have led me to a place of trust, freedom and connection. I cherish these gifts and carry them with me.
– TK

I am awake, aware and I give everything my best shot knowing that change is the only constant in life: Good or bad, this too shall pass. I trust life and move forward with pure intentions for all. I have no fear, the universe is benevolent and wants me to enjoy this gift of life.
– VK

I am free to choose the right course of action. I don’t suffer from fear, I don’t feel pushed by external circumstances nor by internal anxieties, urges and uncontrolled emotions. I don’t waste energy fighting demons, I am not influenced by external opposition, nor let temptations cloud my thinking. This internal freedom is exactly that – nothing pushes me around, interferes with my access to inner wisdom or saps my energy.
– VP

I am much more aware of the effect of the past on my behavior and try not to act in a habitual way.
– SK

I’m so grateful for experiencing the connection to where all possibilities, abundance and love reside despite personal challenges and adversities in the world. True knowledge and meditation shed light and love in my life. Fear is but a small corner in my life experience; courage shines ever so brightly. Life is experienced as a beautiful gift.
– MS

I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the School and the teachings. I see so many amazing changes in myself, and I question myself, is it really possible? During the past three months, I observe myself more, I stay present, pause, and meditate regularly. I wish to live an awakened life with divine love and light, to continue living modestly. A simple life with a genuine love for all, to keep the fire of desire for the truth alive in my heart, and stay on the path.
– ST

The school and the teachings have reignited a sense of wonder and curiosity and clarified my ability to observe, reflect and play various roles on this stage.
– MS