Practical Parenting

Practical Parenting in the challenging years (10 – 21)

The real question is not what your child is going to do in life but what sort of a man or woman are they going to be?

Course Content (8 weeks)

  • How to deal with the destructive nature of idleness
  • Overseeing the company they keep and how they spend their time
  • How to apply a reason-based approach to the avoidance of addictive substances
  • Meeting the practical needs of your child from ten onwards
  • How to instill the importance of honoring and respecting parents
  • How to develop character, responsibility and discipline
  • What guidelines to offer regarding relationships and sexual morality
  • How to develop in them a magnanimous sense of service to family, community and mankind
  • How to establish and apply house rules
  • Having a vision for your child
  • How to develop their talents and interests
  • Practical ways to assist in the selection of a career
  • How to manage the essential change in the relationship between parent and child after sixteen


Fee: $125. Free for students already attending a Philosophy class

Please note:  Not all classes are available every term. A minimum of ten students is required to form a class
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